Black magic or accident : When an entire football team were killed by lightning


People often wonder whether black magic exists in real life. Several people have sworn that they know of persons who can perform black magic while the rest of the world do not believe in such existence.

There are always two conflicting arguments whenever a bizarre incident takes place – one group vouches for supernatural powers of human beings while the rest just take it as yet another strange but natural phenomena. But, sometimes things happen that cannot be explained by sheer logic.

You must be wondering why we, a website dedicated to sports, are so invested in black magic. Well, how can a global sport like football be free from the myth that still prevails over a huge portion of the world. So, here we are – presenting one bizarre incident from the soccer history. Read and decide yourself whether it was just another day or was it an extraordinary example of black magic!

It was in October 1998, when Bena Tshadi and Basanga, two clubs from Congo were playing a soccer game in the eastern province of Kasai. The match was level at 1-1 when a weird instance took place.

A true bolt from the blue struck the field and it was a dangerous one, as the lightning killed as many as 11 players on the pitch. However, the weird part was that the players who were killed were all wearing the same jersey! Yes, the thunderbolt killed all players from Bena Tshadi while the Basanga players did not suffer anything. According to a report by local newspaper L’Avenir, “Lightning killed at a stroke 11 young people aged between 20 and 35 years during a football match”.

The newspaper further said that around 30 more people were injured while “the athletes from Basanga curiously came out of this catastrophe unscathed.”

Unfortunately, civil wars were still creating problems in the eastern part of Congo and so, much of the detail about that weird match remains obscure. However, it was certain that a section of the fans accused witchcraft for this bizarre accident. “The exact nature of the lightning has divided the population in this region which is known for its use of fetishes in football,” the aforementioned newspaper reported.

While it may sound as weird as possible, a lot of teams across central and western Africa are always accused of employing witchdoctors to put curses on their opponents. However, whether it was sheer misfortune of the Bena Tshadi players or was it true black magic – no one will ever know!


Do you think it was black magic that killed those eleven players? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo by MONUSCO