Celebrating Birthday : An open letter to the greatest footballer, Lionel Messi


Dear Lionel Messi,

Are you the greatest player on the earth? I do not know about that.

Are you the greatest player to play football? I do not know about that either.

I only know one thing that I just enjoy the moment when I see you play. I just consider myself lucky to see you play live and that is all- nothing more than that.

There is not any flaw in your game. Those dribbles, those curls, that control – I do not have any idea how many players can do those things. Let alone everything, achieving one of your skill set is good enough.

I have not seen someone so good with ball in their feet. It is just amazing. The only term that could define that is “MAGIC”.

I will not get into all the numbers you just achieved or the number of trophies you won because that is not good enough to define you. Your five Ballon d’Or do not appeal to me that much as it’s just a thing that FIFA needs to give every year. Even if you do not win in some years, it does not matter as your name is etched in eternity.

I just want to point out one thing. You have a freaking gold medal in Olympics. I do not think any top level footballer would be interested in playing the Olympics after such a rigorous season. So, there are hardly any chances that your competitors will ever get that. I will not go to the details of how many minutes you played or what your contribution was. But the fact will remain that you are a Olympic Gold Medal winner.

How could someone hate you? I fell in love with you when just passed the ball over Van der Sar with a sublime header. The ball dipped the perfect amount and went in to the goal. I can vow that many Liverpool supporters fell for you just at that moment.

And that goal against Bayern Munich in the first leg of the Champions League 1st leg tie. You sang your lullaby and sent the entire Bayern defense to sleep and chipped the ball over loud mouth Manuel Neuer. In just five magical touches you changed the game. If I had enough money then  I would have given it to you and asked you do that again as it was too fast and too short. But, I just sit in front of the television set just for that.

The bonding you have with your teammates is amazing. People go crazy with the way the trio of Lionel Messi, Xavi and Iniesta or that of Messi, Neymar and Suarez celebrate every goal together and that back pass to Suarez during penalty was too cool. I am just happy that Suarez left for Barcelona and had the chances to play alongside you.

You just broke Argentina’s all time goal scoring record and you said it was a team effort while they brought you down so many times or you could have a World Cup and Copa America against your name.

I can talk about you all day long, but I need to stop some where.

So, thank you for the beautiful moments that you have given us and I hope that you get better with you age if you can get anymore better than that. Hope you win the Copa America final.

Happy Birthday, Lionel Messi.



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Photo by globalite