Celebrating Birthday : An open letter to Andres Iniesta


Today, May 11th, marks the 32nd birthday of Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta. Here is a fan writing an open letter to one of the greatest midfielders of all time.

Dear Andreas,

Without any doubt in my mind, I can say that you are one of the most gifted footballer I have ever seen to take the pitch. Your vision is second to none and you are literally the best creative genius I might ever see.

But, I like to see Barcelona lose certain times. The reasons are two fold. First of all, you guys don’t lose that much and so, it’s hard to say no to a nice surprise. Secondly, my father has always been a Barcelona fan and so, it gives me a chance to taunt him – “Best team in the world? Duh!! Can’t even beat Valencia at home”.

In this era of social media and plastic fans people try to follow the team that wins more. I am not saying that it’s a bad thing. But not understanding the game I love so much is a sin and fighting over without any knowledge is a great sin. So, when you lose, it’s just that those idiots shut their mouth and the world gets back to proper balance.

But that does not really reflect how much I love you when you destroy the defense. It’s actually worth my time to stay up all night just to see you play. I really don’t show my reactions in front of my father, but I really like when you play well.

Xavi and Iniesta – Best duo ever? Hell yeah! You guys played together for years and destroyed many teams together and specially the 6 goal bashing against Real Madrid. You dominated the LA Liga for years. It’s really sad when I think we, Indians were not able to see you play in LA Liga till 2010. Some good memories were missed, but the remaining are enough.

You are the epitome of success. You have won everything that you can with your team. But life is not fair and you can not get everything. So, the Ballon d’Or trophy is missing from your cabinet. The time you scored against Dutch in the world cup final, football won. I was happy to see those Dutch lose cause they might have played their heart out, but what they played was no football. You won my heart when you scored the winner against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League semifinal. You did not deserve to win the game that night, but who cares cause you killed the Blues.

I could not tell you much much I loved you guys when you thrashed Man United two times in the final. Being a Liverpool fan, it was the best thing that could have happened that night.

You will win the LA Liga for sure this year, you won’t mess it up. Sometimes when Messi has a bad day on the pitch, my father shouts in front of television- “Pass it to Iniesta, he will do something”. That’s faith and that’s hard to come by. That’s what you have done to the fans. You really have no idea how many grown men will cry when you will retire from that jersey. My old man will also shed a tear that day for sure.

There are some players I would have died to see in Liverpool colours and you are at the very top of the list. The captain’s armband suits you very much, I must say

In between of Barcelona and UEFAlona, somewhere in the middle I have loved you. Best of luck for you future and thank you for everything.

Fan Forever,
Bastab Saha
A die hard Red


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Photo by Gerard Reyes