Back to Glory! What’s next for Liverpool under Klopp?


 Liverpool supporters are thinking that the team is into the safe hands of Jurgen Klopp who can bring back their old glory days.

Jurgen Klopp replaced Brendan Rodgers last October. Since then, he faced an uphill task to carry on his legacy which he created in Dortmund. Because then the moral was really down and many players were underperforming. His animating, commanding attitude changed the situation. The team is performing better and the belief is back.They have managed to restrict Dormund in their own hunting ground with a vital away goal. Along with that, Liverpool beat Stoke 4-1 in Premier League commandingly. Now, the question arises that what is the future of them Under Klopp. What direction they will go this season and beyond that.

Under Klopp, Liverpool have won 10 of 23 league matches played. They have scored 42 goals but conceded 32. That is the most alarming sign. If anyone consider the table in this time, they are a serious contender of top four but previous results did not help them to capitalize this. They have some memorable results like beating Manchester City twice, beating Chelsea away , demolishing Aston Villa 6-0 etc. But they had some disappointing results too. This is mainly because of the defence. They lost 17 points

But they had some disappointing results too. This is mainly because of the defence. They lost 17 points in the whole season from winning position more than any other team in the English top division. Liverpool are now 9 points behind Manchester City with a game in hand and they don’t have toughest of fixtures to run. Yes, there is a derby, there is Chelsea at home and some tricky fixtures to come. But a good run can pull them in a good position. They are showing some consistency right now. They need to build on that.

Liverpool lost to Manchester City in the Capital One Cup final via tiebreaker. And they are still sitting in the Europa League well positioned. If they are able to knock Dortmund out, they will get a huge momentum. Yes, still there will be some tough teams like Shakhtar, Villarreal,  and Sevilla. But nobody is as good as Dortmund may be.

Now as far the team is concerned, defensive organization is the main problem. Sakho played some matches brilliantly but others were below par, so was goalkeeper Mignolet. Clyne played consistently. Lovren took responsibilities when he played but he was injured at a particular time. Moreno is not best defensively. So, they need to reinforce on that.

So, they need to reinforce on that. Matip has already agreed to join. A left back, a goal-keeper and another center-back will be good. In the midfield, it is generally decent. But a commanding central midfield and a physical defensive midfielder will help. In attack, a forward is needed along with a winger. This may help along with the masterclass of Klopp to challenge for the titles.