Romanian Football Team sports unique jersey in training before their friendly against Spain

Romanian Football Team Jersey training
Romanian Football Team Jersey training

Sportspersons have often been held up by the media for not doing their bit for the society, but the same accusation cannot be brought to the Romanian national football squad after the recent initiative that they have taken.

Ahead of their friendly against Spain today, Romanian players are reported to sport jerseys which will see the numbers in the back of them replaced by MATHEMATICAL EQUATIONS. 

So are you lost and have no clue at all about why the national team suddenly came up with this idea? Here’s why they did this.

Romania is supposed to be among the countries with the highest dropout rate in the European Union, which was about 18% in 2014. So the team management came up with this new initiative to replace the numbers in the jerseys of the players with mathematical equations to help improve the grasp of the Romanian children in maths.

The Romanian players were seen sporting jackets with their squad numbers replaced by maths equations during their latest training session earlier today ahead of their clash against the Spanish armada.

This noble initiative taken by the national team is part of the national programme, in which the government looks to improve the country’s maths skills, and fight the issue of school dropouts. The equations, featuring on Romania’s kits, are also set to be accompanied by a set of online manuals and an instructional video, which will be played before Sunday’s match in Cluj.

Romania National Team Jersey
Romania National Team Jersey (source: Bleacher Report, twitter)

However, we hope that it would not make the life of the referees difficult when he tries to figure out the number of the player he wants to book.

The Romanians have already qualified for Euro 2016 finishing second in their group behind Northern Ireland. However, they start as underdogs against Spain and they hope that the new change in their kits is the right formula for them to win, as the odds are certainly not in their favour.

This effort by the Romanian national team is really a great one and deserves credit and applause from all quarters.


If you think your arithmetical skills need to be tested do watch the game between Romania and Spain and try to work out the jersey numbers of the Romanian players on the field.