Analyzing Fixtures to Play: Premier League title and relegation battle in Numbers


Thirty-one round of this season’s Premier League is over. Some teams have played one or two games less due to their other commitments. Overall, only seven rounds are remaining. This is the last hurdle to holding the breath and touch the finishing line.

That is why the competition intensifies in both top of the league and bottom of the league. In this international break, we can look the current situation and discuss the outcome.

Championship Fight:

Leicester’s dream run is continuing. They lead the table with 66 points from 31 games. We did not take Manchester City, Manchester United and West Ham United into account because they have too much gap to recover. They are 15 and 16 points behind than Leicester though they have a game in hand. But it is impossible to make that ground in a short period of time. So, the title picture is based on three teams, Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.

Leicester City (1st):

It’s their title to lose. They have a five-point advantage over nearest competitor Tottenham with seven games remaining. They are in brilliant form, too. They have lost just one match in their last thirteen encounters in Premier League. They are playing for their hearts and souls. But, they have some tricky and tough fixtures coming up. They have home games against Southampton, West Ham, Swansea and Everton. So it’s really hard. Their away fixtures are against Sunderland, Manchester United and Chelsea. So they have to be on their toes to get through this. But they have already made tough fixtures easy by their performance. So, they really can complete the miracle and lift the silverware on May 15th.

Tottenham Hotspur (2nd):

Second-placed Tottenham are title favourites from the start due to their excellent squad. They want to take advantage of Leicester’s tough fixtures to reduce the five-point deficit. But they can’t be relaxed because they have to fight with a bunch of tough fixtures, too. Their home games are against Manchester United, West Brom and Southampton. Their away fixture is the games against Liverpool, Stoke, Chelsea and Newcastle. So they have a difficult job in their hand despite their good recent form in Premier League.

Arsenal (3rd):

Arsenal are eleven points behind Leicester City with a game in hand. In all likelihood, they would have been thought to be out of the race. But they are considered into this because of their fixtures. Their home games are against Watford, Crystal Palace, West Brom, Norwich and Aston Villa. Their away games against West Ham, Sunderland and Manchester City are a bit tough. But compared to previous two they have relative easy fixtures. So if they perform better, they can end their Premier League drought, but the problem is they have to depend on other results too.


Leicester has the best chance to go to lift the trophy. Tottenham may just fall behind for second. Arsenal will be at third.

Relegation Fight:Aston Villa are all but gone from Premier League. 4 teams are fighting to avoid the final two relegation places.

Crystal Palace (16th):

Crystal Palace should not be in this list if it was written a couple of months ago. They are seven points from safety but their form is a sign of worry. They did not win a single Premier League match since December. They have tough fixtures ahead. So they need to get some results to maintain the Premier League status.

Norwich City (17th):

Norwich have some six pointers ahead. Their most important games are against Newcastle (H), Crystal Palace (A), Sunderland (H) and Watford (H). Along with this, they will have to play Arsenal (A), Manchester United (H) and Everton (A). Their season is hanging on the basis of those four results.

Sunderland (18th):

Sunderland are two points behind Norwich with a game in hand. They always perform better in this phase. But they have to fight harder. Their fixtures are against West Brom (H), Leicester City (A), Norwich (A), Arsenal (H), Stoke (A), Chelsea (H), Everton (H) and Watford (A). But they are always capable of upsetting a big team. So, it will be interesting.

Newcastle (19th):

Under new boss Rafa Benitez, they want to change their fortune and survive. In their road, there will be Norwich (H), Southampton (A), Swansea (H), Manchester City (H), Liverpool (A), Crystal Palace (H), Aston Villa (A) and Tottenham (H). They are three points behind Norwich with a game in hand.

Aston Villa (20th):

Aston Villa should prepare for Championship football in the next season. Their hopes are getting faded week after week. They have not enough points and are in a most disappointing form. So, their fixtures are irrelevant. They are twelve points behind safety. So, they are gone.


Aston Villa will go down. Tyne-side Newcastle and Wear-side Sunderland will probably join them. Norwich and Crystal Palace may just edge out the relegation.

Photo by theglobalpanorama