Celebrating Birthday : Top five goals from the King, Didier Drogba


The King of the Blues, Didier Drogba, had a habit to strike a bolt from the blue. It’s not that, his every goal was a belter, rather he had a knack to finish with sublime flicks and touches. His last touch for the Blues gave them their most awaited trophy collection in the den of Bayern Munich – the Champions League.

He had won everything with Chelsea – from Premier League, FA Cup to the League Cup. But every Chelsea fan has a special memory of the Champions League night in Munich and all credits goes to this man, the Ivorian Didier Drogba.

It’s always hard to pick up the special goals of a striker who has left a deep mark in the heart of the fans and redefined the club’s stature from mediocre to the champions. But still we tried our best to enlist up the best 5 goals of the King Didier Drogba.

5. Hull City (2009-10)

It was quite late in the game. Chelsea were tied to 1-1 after Didier Drogba gave them the lead. Drogba won the ball, passed to Deco who flicked it towards a empty space near the goal line. It never looked like a goal scoring position as the angle was very tight and was narrowed down by a sliding defender. Drogba kept his cool and chipped the ball high in the air above the goalkeeper’s head. Goalkeeper jumped high in the air, still could not reach it. Brilliant goal. Commenter went “That’s what title winners do”. For the Blues, “That’s what King likes to do.”

4. Liverpool (2011-12)

Jamie Carragher was all over Drogba. The cross came in and the King chested it down. Carragher gave a little push which just made the ball go a bit far. In other days, it would have been a routine defending. But the king is no regular guy. Drogba turned and volleyed it in with a sweet strike of the left. Pepe Reina stood still – a picturesque moment.

3. FC Barcelona (2005-06)

When king was in his prime, none of the strikers had a better right foot in the business. The cross came in and Drogba controlled it despite continuous pushing from two defenders. He turned fast, got into a empty space and bolted one into the right side. Valdes tried to reach, but the ball was long gone. Few things to learn for beginners.

2. AC Milan (2009-10)

There was no preseason for the King. Every game had to be perfect for him. Drogba received the ball just inside the halfway line. He took two touches, but none closed him down. How can this kind of mistake get unpunished? Drogba let one missile go from his right foot. He ball went like a bullet and rattled the net. The goalkeeper became a spectator that day.

1. Everton (2006/07)

The game was tied a 2-2. Petr Cech’s shot found Shevchenko who somehow managed to get the ball to Drogba. The defenders were out of position, but reacted fast to close down. But Drogba was even faster. He received the ball, turned and volleyed one towards Everton’s goal. The ball changed direction twice in the mid air, goalkeeper helplessly looked at the ball going into the net. What a way to win the game! That was also voted the goal of the season 2006-07.

Take a look at the above goals by Didier Drogba here:

The King turns 38 today. Sports-nova wishes him a very happy birthday and hopes for few more of these from him.


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Photo by Ben Sutherland