Celebrating birthday : An open letter to Kenny Dalglish from an avid fan of Liverpool


Dear Kenny Dalglish,

I have not watched you play live, except for the charity games here and there. But by the stories I have heard, Liverpool fans were right to call you the king. Arguably greatest player of that time, you were really the best that the standing Kop has ever seen.

Time flies so quick. Just a few years back, you were the academy director and became manager for the second time. You left the club in a belief that the club is in good hands. You must have made many accurately timed passes to Rushie, but your this call was wrong. Now, just look at us – struggling to make it even to Europa. But, whatever is the case, I don’t hold any grudge against you.

You came in such a time, when the team needed a special talent to replace Keegan. You were brought in with highest British transfer fee. People doubted that the shoes of Keegan was big enough for Kenny Dalglish to fill. But you passed with exceeding expectations. Goal in European cup final, goal at Stamford Bridge to seal the league – you had done it all.

Feb 22, 1991 – a black day in the history of Liverpool. Everything was going too well, doing well in the league, playing great football and suddenly you announced that you are going to step down as the player cum manager of Liverpool. Suddenly Liverpool team looked like a team without any European experience, a team without any leader, a team with promising young stars without the gaffer.

Your curling shot with either with left or right always found the top corner. Those were a treat to watch. You were not god gifted in any department, but in a total package, you were a sensational player.

You went to Blackburn and they won the EPL. It did hurt, I won’t lie. Even when I came to know about that, I was hurt. I just feel very sad when I think that what could have happened if you stayed for a bit long. We would have won few more titles with ease and United would have been chasing our f**king perch. But providing the things you have done for us, I could not even be mad at you.

I have seen Gerrard and for me he might be the best player that I would see in my entire life. But when others tell that you were better, I just ask myself one question – “How can anyone be that good?”. Once I heard a story that you asked Rush to run through the channel. He did not run and you just told him that he missed a goal. Next time when you had the ball, you put the ball exactly in that space which Rush slotted in the back of the net with just one touch. Such accuracy and such vision. The pace you lacked, you made up with your vision. You were always two steps ahead of everyone.

You stayed with us when Joe Fagan left after the Heisel incident. You took the charge of the team to win 2 league titles, even when the Evertonians were close enough to us in terms of quality. You stayed with the city when it was broken down after the Hillsborough tragedy and you gave a direction to the club when it was needed the most. You were the best player manager the world has seen. Shankly said it for himself. But let me tell it for you –

You were made for Liverpool, Liverpool was made for you.

In the last few days, I tried to jolt down a few lines for you. No matter how bad it sounds, I will say it

Keegan was gone, days were gloomy
Here come the saviour, one King Kenny
There were doubters, there were many,
They also admitted you worth every penny.
You lit the Anfield after sunset,
Wish I coulda seen you play, is only regret.
Hands up in the air, smile on the face,
With Rushie on side, you destroyed the place.
In front of the King you have to bow,
Running out of words, so I will stop now.
Many will come, but only one undisputed King,
Echoed through the eternity, your songs we will sing.
Just before the end, with all due respect
You were better than everyone, in every aspect.

You have been an inspiration for many generations to come. Your success would be something that people will chase. Your greatness is something that everyone would envy. Thank you for the memories and thank you for everything. I could not even put into words, what you mean to Liverpool. Thank you Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish- You will never walk alone.

Happy Birthday, King!
Truly Yours,
Bastab Saha


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Photo by k1ngk0ng