Chelsea vs Manchester United : Watch five best games from the history


The game that used to decide the title fate few years back, has become a customary battle between a club that is seeking redemption by getting to the fourth spot and a club which had been struggling to avoid relegation through out the whole season. But still the enthusiasm and expectations are same from the game.

The fight between the London blues and the Manchester reds will be a treat to watch like always whether the class of football remains the same or not. So, we head back to the glorious past and tried to find the best clashes from the lot.

5. Chelsea 3-5 Manchester United – FA Cup, January 4, 1998

United were cruising through to victory with a 5-0 lead against a feeble Chelsea side. The game was already in their pockets and Chelsea surged a late attack to get some pride back from the game. They scored three in quick succession and caught United right on the line. But United had luck on their side as they just scraped away from two clear send-offs. Here’s an eight goal thriller in the FA Cup.

4. Chelsea 2-3 Manchester United – EPL, October 28, 2012

It’s a game which can be the one to be be remembered for ages due to the referring decision blunders. Manchester United took the two goal lead with just 12 minutes into the game. But, a brilliant curler from Mata gave Chelsea a goal back from free kick and Ramires scored the equaliser. Then Ivanovic was controversially sent off when he brought down Rooney though it was not a clear goal scoring opportunity. The referee made a laughing stock of himself by sending Torres off when he should have sent of Jonny Evans for a late tackle. With minutes left in the game, Chicharito pulled the trigger and won the game for United.

3. Chelsea 3-3 Manchester United – EPL, February , 2012

The Blues were cruising to victory and were leading 3-0 at the 50th minute. Two own goals and a volley from Mata made United’s life miserable. Then Wayne Rooney came on to convert two from the spot and in the dying moments of the game, Chicharito scored the equaliser to steal a point from Stamford Bridge.

2. Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United  – UEFA Champions League final, May 21, 2008

It’s the Champions League final- biggest game of the season. Cristiano Ronaldo put United on top before Frank Lampard scored the equaliser right on the half time mark. Then John Terry had the chance to seal it for Chelsea, but he slipped and his shot hit the post which sent the game to the sudden death. With the game on the line, Van Der Saar stepped up and saved one to win the trophy for the Red Devils.

1. Chelsea 5-4 Manchester United – League Cup, October 31, 2012

United were almost on verge of qualifying for the quarter finals of League Cup by a narrow 3-2 lead before Eden Hazard’s late penalty sent the game into the extra time. In the extra time Daniel Sturridge and Ramires stepped up for Chelsea with two goals which was enough to avoid the late attacks from United. With this 5-4 win, Chelsea went onto the quarter finals, while United were eliminated despite of an inspiring performance from both Ryan Giggs and Javier Hernandez.

This was our top 5. Do you agree with our list? What changes would you like to make? Let us know in the comment below.

Photo by peatc