David Moyes admits that he would take the Manchester United job again


Former Manchester United manager David Moyes has told that if he had a chance, he would surely be the Manchester United boss again. However, he truly believes that current coach Louis van Gaal deserves more time to turn things around.

David Moyes took the charge of United in 2013. But under his reign Manchester United had a terrible run and they finished the season in the seventh position. Moyes was sacked due to this poor display. Later, Louis Van Gaal was appointed in the summer of 2014.

While peaking on The Clare Balding Show on BT Sport, the former Everton coach was asked whether he regretted leaving the Merseyside Club in 2013, he said: “I wouldn’t have done anything different. I would have only done it different if I’d known it was 10 months instead of 6 years.”

In addition to that, he also talked about the job at Manchester United. Following are the excerpts from David Moyes interview.

“My understanding was that I was going to a club which always looked after their managers, even when they were in trouble and it wasn’t going well, you got your time to sort things out. I was under that illusion when I was there.”

“I had a great group of players they had recently won the Premier League under Sir Alex, but it was going to take time for that to change, evolve and of course there was going to have to be a changeover of players in time, but it couldn’t be done in 10 months.”

“Would I take the job again? Of course I would. There are very few managers in the world who wouldn’t want to manage Manchester United.”

“After Sir Alex the job was going to be very difficult. It was going to take time to rebuild, it was a rebuilding job at Manchester United.”

“You’ve got to remember David Gill left, he was a big influence at Manchester United. I think even what Manchester United stand for, is they keep their managers, they’ve always supported their managers.”

Finally, David Moyes said, “I hope they stick with Louis Van Gaal, he deserves more time, it’s still a work in progress for him, he’s made some signings, from my experience in Spain it will take time for players from abroad to settle in. So, I think they should stick with it. They don’t want to become a club which continuously changes their manager.”

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