Video: Aaron Ramsey Curse or Co-incidence? Welshman scores, Celeb dies


Aaron Ramsey is a well established name in football circuit. His fight back after a severe double leg fracture at a very young age is an inspirational story.

Though, another funny and bizarre fact has been attached to his name for some time now : Whenever he scored goals, popular personalities have died, not once but for a number of occasions. We, popularly, know this as: ‘Aaron Ramsey Curse’.

It began in 2011; Lets start chronologically.

Ramsey scores…Osama Bin Laden dies : He scored a goal against Manchester United on 1st May, 2011 at Emirates. The notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden died on the very next day when he was shot dead by Navy Seals in Pakistan.

Ramsey scores…Steve Jobs dies:  The coincidence continued when he scored at White Hart Lane on 2nd October. Less than 72 hours later, the Apple CEO and iPhone inventor Steve Jobs died after fighting a long battle with cancer.

Ramsey scores…Muammar Gaddafi dies : A few weeks later he scored a last minute second goal against Marseille in UEFA Champions League. Within 24 hours, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was captured and tortured to death by the Rebels.

Ramsey scores…Whitney Houston dies: The coincidence started turning into a curse when the famous pop singer Whitney Houston was found dead in Los Angeles hours after Ramsey scored a beautiful goal against Sunderland in February of 2012.

Ramsey scores… Paul Walker dies: Since then he scored a handful of goals and no major celebrity death news was reported. But the curse returned when popular Fast and The Furious actor Paul Walker ironically died in a car crash days after Ramsey scored a brace against Cardiff on November 2013.

Ramsey scores… Robin Williams dies: Next year Ramsey scored a goal against Manchester City in 2014-15 campaign. The popular Hollywood actor Robin Williams was found dead in his home after he reportedly hung himself on the very next day.

Ramsey scores…Sir Richard Attenborough dies: The curse continued when famous British actor-director Sir Richard Attenborough (of Gandhi and Jurassic Park fame) died hours after Ramsey scored a goal against Everton on Saturday, August 23rd of 2014-15 season.

Ramsey scores… Alan Rickman dies: Alan Rickman became synonymous with the famous Harry Potter Character Severus Snape and our favourite English actor died just a day after Aaron Ramsey scored against Liverpool on 13th January, 2016.

Here’s the video compiling the goals and associated deaths of celebrities –

Aaron Ramsey has scored a lot more and people die everyday. But the fun fact is the celebrity death news has never been coincided like this before. Though we must not make a serious issue out of it and applaud the on field  brilliance of Aaron Ramsey. He just celebrated his 25th birthday a couple of days ago and still have a long and bright future ahead of him. Let’s enjoy the ride.

Photo by Kieran Clarke