Out of Chelsea: What’s next for Jose Mourinho?


He is considered as one of greatest managers of the game, history suggests nothing else, but right now he is a fish out of water, Jose Mourinho, after a horrible start to campaign finally got sacked by the Chelsea hierarchy on Thursday.

So, what will he do next? The Portugese tactician has made it clear that he is not going to retire from the game this soon. Reportedly, he turned down an offer from Roma, so he is surely eyeing some big job. These are some possible clubs which might be interested about getting his service.

  1. Real Madrid: There were some disbelief when Rafa Benitez came to Real Madrid this season. But it is not going according to the plan, for the Spanish giants. They were beaten badly by Barcelona and recent results are not good enough. If Rafa does not improve on his results, he may be shown the door next season. And who else can replace him, if not the charismatic Portuguese. He was been there and knows how to handle the pressure of Bernabeu crowd. Florentino Perez may be getting a peek at him.


  1. Bayern Munich: One major league that’s been missing from Jose Mourinho’s trophy cabinet is Bundesliga. He won English Premier League(3 times), Scudetto(2 times), La Liga(1 time) but German League might be his next destination. With Pep Guardiola, leaving the German side, Jose can replace him quite well. And Jose now thinking long term, may come handy, as the side with so much of history, can build a dynasty of its own.


  1. Manchester United: When Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, many thought Jose will take over his job in the “Theatre of Dreams”. But that never happened. After Moyes’s dismal campaign, Manchester Utd came back in Champions League under Louis van Gaal, but this season they were out in group phase and playing in Europa League, which not acceptable in such a big and prestigious football club. There were talks in the past that Mourinho would come to Old Trafford but he chose Chelsea. He may come to United and show the world, once again why he is considered among world’s greatest. After recent slump at home against Norwich, fans are demanding a Van Gaal exit. Probably this is the time for Mourinho to get back into business again.

Maybe now there are talks about his integrity and control over dressing room, but we all know Mourinho guarantees success, lets see if he can come out of a situation where he was never been and establish a bigger legend, cementing his foundation in the golden book of football.

Photo by In Mou We Trust