Injury Update : Will Daniel Sturridge feature against Watford?


Liverpool FC’s prolific goal scorer Daniel Sturridge is set to miss yet another game. The Englishman was expected to return against Watford after a 10 day resting period.

Daniel Sturridge’s from had never been an issue for the Reds. But his fitness has always been. The Red front man has only played 16 games out of possible 83 since the start of 2014-15 season. The team has always been built around him. So, his injury has created a a lot of problem for Liverpool.

If we look back a few days, we can see that Jurgen Klopp has always been frustrated with the fitness issues of Daniel Sturridge. After a return from injury he scored a brace against Southampton at the Saint Mary’s in the Carling Cup quarter finals and pulled a little knock which forced him to be subbed after 65 minutes. His appearance at Saint James Park was rather short lived too. After being introduced as a substitute, he only played 20 minutes before he pulled his hamstring which again sent him to the bench within three games.

A few days back, the Reds boss Jurgen Klopp commented on Sturridge’s injuries –

“It is a little hamstring. Nothing more. Now we have 10 days, I would say, until we think about if he should play. That would be the Watford game maybe. If he can run in eight days and be ready for physical training.”

But there are not enough days to get back on the full training schedule. So, it’s safe to assume that Daniel Sturridge is set to miss the game against Watford for sure.

Klopp has been determined to change in Sturridge’s training schedule to increase in his resilience. Only 100 minutes of playing time in more than three months of span is not enough from him as he is still the main focal point of the Reds attack.

Arsenal has enough money to afford the injured players like Wilshere, Walcott and even Diaby. But given Liverpool’s financial condition, Sturridge is on the verge of becoming a expensive burden to bear for Liverpool. Hope he gets fit soon or his future in Red shirt might be in doubt.

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Photo by kevinzim