Manchester United want to talk over the future of Louis Van Gaal


The future of Louis Van Gaal as the boss of Manchester United is not in jeopardy despite their lackluster performance recently. But the club wants an out an out answer from him.

Manchester United is now fifth in the league with 29 points from 16 games (8 wins and 5 draws). They are eliminated from the Champions League. After their defeat against Bournemouth, the fans are questioning about the future of Van Gaal. The main problem for “The Red Devils” is creating lack of chances up front. But Manchester United wanted a clear answer from him.

Earlier Van Gaal told, “Normally I shall leave after next year but what is normal in our football world? You never know.

“But I promised my wife to go with her to our paradise (the Van Gaal’s have a villa in Portugal) so it shall be very hard for me to deny that promise.

“Next year I am 65 and say I stay a year longer, it shall be very hard to my wife.”

But Manchester United, naturally, wants to go forward next season to know clearly about this situation. The owners are happy about him but they want an answer if he will continue next season or they will begin to find a replacement.

Pep Guardiola is rumored to be the next man in the Old Trafford hot seat. However, John Richardson told the Sunday Supplement that he will not join Manchester United when he leaves Bayern Munich. Carlo Ancelotti may join should the Dutchman decides to step down. But Manchester United wants the answer soon.

Louis Van Gaal took the job from David Moyes in the summer of last season. He managed a top four finish last season. However, he still has not been able to lay his hands on any trophy with the Old Trafford side. This season too, Manchester United have been out of Capital One Cup and Champions League. Quite naturally, Louis Van Gaal has a lot to prove.

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Photo by WVDO\Congres in Beeld