Revealed : Why should Premier League clubs get eliminated from UCL and enter Europa League in stead?


It may sound ridiculous, but a success in Europa League can help the English clubs to save their fourth spot in the Champions League rather than qualifying to the next round and getting eliminated by giants like Barcelona or Bayern Munich. The quality of football that the English sides are presenting are way too off the Champions League, so they don’t stand a chance of winning the league even if they move on to the next round.

As per their recent form in the Champions League or Europa League, Premier League clubs are currently in a position to lose the fourth qualifying spots to the Serie A giants. After Chelsea’s 2012 Champions League winners campaign, no club from England have secured a semi final spot in the elite competition and on the other hand, Italians had three spots in the semis with one spot to Juventus in the last year finals. Chelsea was the last club to restore some pride by winning Europa League in 2013. Since then, none of the English clubs have not got past the quarter final spots in either of Champions League or Europa League.

England is currently at 3rd spot with 69.659 points just behind Spain and Germany and just ahead of Italy who are with 66.605 points. With Manchester United already being knocked out last night and with the possibilities of Chelsea and Arsenal getting knocked out too, the position does not look too good for them. Juventus have already qualified for the next round  and Roma are in contention of qualifying too. Things are not going exactly according to the plans for FA.

Arsenal have always been knocked out in the round of 16 for the last 6 years and Chelsea have also not seen plenty of good times either. Arsenal’s prospects of proceeding to the quarterfinals does not look good as they will qualify as the second best team from the group and may face Barcelona or Real Madrid in the next round to exit from the competition which will contribute only 15 points to the tally. On the other hand, if Arsenal or Chelsea can move on to win the Europa in Basel, it will give them at least 29 coefficient points and even getting to the semis will give at least 22 points which is still higher than what they will achieve in Champions League.

England might have all their super forces in the Europa League. Liverpool and Tottenham are already in the hunt, while Manchester United have joined them with Chelsea and Arsenal likely to follow. So, if all of them can move forward to the next round, it will be beneficial for the clubs rather than getting destroyed in the Champions League. So, let’s wait for tonight and see what happens to Chelsea and Arsenal.