Transfer news : Mourinho may have found the solution to Chelsea’s problem


Tottenham to Chelsea – from one side of the London to another – leave one club to join the rivals.

Yes, that kind of transfer might be on the cards as Chelsea is looking forward to make a shocking move to land Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur.

Chelsea have struggled to posses any possible threats to the minor teams and most of that is due to the lack of penetration of their strikers. Eden Hazard‘s off form (Some call it invisibility) might be a reason for it, but the conversion rate has also been a problem for the defending champions. Diego Costa has been more than poor this season with his finishing and has made it to the front pages of the newspaper due to bans he received for his unsporting behaviour on the field.

Recently, the Spaniard has also been involved in a heated conversation with his manager in the Champions League clash against Tel Aviv at Stamford Bridge which has enforced the rumour of landing Kane in Chelsea. Mourinho has always been supportive of his players despite the bad times, but this season has brought the worst out of him. No matter how much he enforces the exchange of hugs and cuddles at the half time in the dressing room, the media is not simply buying it. There has been a crack in the relationship between Mourinho and Costa which might force former Atletico man to move from Chelsea.

Here is the comparison between Kane, Costa and Radamel Falcao in this ongoing EPL season.

Kane Costa Falcao
MINUTES PLAYED 1130 970 214
SHOTS PER GAME 4 2.1 1.1
PASSING ACCURACY 73.8% 77.3% 77.3%

Harry Kane had a dry patch in the season after starting brightly in the season, but his efforts were good enough to bring the goals for him. We have not seen much of Falcao except for few occasions and his stats are enough to show us the reasons for benching him throughout the season.

The stats don’t lie for the most of the season and for most of the players. So, Diego Costa must step up in his game or he might be on his way out of Chelsea.

Kane is a poacher inside the box and he might be the best in this business since Torres in EPL. He rarely misses any chances and makes the half chances count too. With a superbly performing Willian at his back, he might possess the same threat like last season and push Chelsea towards the top of the table.

If we look at Hazard’s or Oscar’s performance this season, we will say that their performances have been poor with respect to last year, but the fact is that the stats look even poorer due to Costa, Falcao and Pedro. These forwards were not up to their marks to take opportunities and convert them in the goal.

The morale of the Chelsea side is down right now and a few back to back dominating wins may give them the momentum to push upwards in the table. With Kane up front, it won’t be very hard for Hazard and Oscar to find an assist or for Chelsea to find goals.

Mourinho has also mentioned that he won’t ask any money in the upcoming transfer window for the rebuilding of the team. So, it’s clear that he might be on his way to sell some players and Costa is surely on the top of the list. So, get ready for the surprises in January as Mourinho has “Nothing to Say” for now.


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Photo by In Mou We Trust