Shocking: ISIS killed 13 Iraqi teenagers for watching Football


The world was still mourning over the dreadful Paris attack and just a week after, we came across a really shocking news. This did not get a millionth of a social media presence which the Paris attack received, but it is equally horrific to get a minute of silence in the middle of the pitch. The main point is that it’s not like it just happened yesterday but it had been happening over the year and now, we are coming to when it started. You will be sickened to learn how terror has stopped people of Iraq from watching football.

Yes, you have heard it right, according to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), our very dear game of football is an ‘evil’ sport masterminded by the Western powers to mislead the young Muslims. Practically, they also consider music in this list of evilness and as a result, the rebel group has imposed a strict ban over these in their territories.

Now, it’s a child’s guess that if someone disobeys this rule, death will be the answer. But, those orders could not stop 13 teenage boys from Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq, to watch their national team play against Jordan in Asian Cup. We are talking about January, this year. Iraq won that match, courtesy to a brilliant goal from their midfielder Yaser Kasim. But, those 13 little lives lost their battle that day. Once the militants heard the news, the ISIS police rounded up the boys and put them before a firing squad.

That was not the end to it. To inject fear in people’s mind, the bodies were left in open and the parents were not allowed to do the last rites of their children. This is the extreme height a conservatism could reach, this is the ultimate notoriety one can think of – being killed for watching football? Are you kidding me!

Perhaps after that incident, not a single TV in Mosul streamed a football match but those 13 boys should remain immortal as “Football Martyrs” in the history. At least not many have given their life for a match of football!