“Playing for India will be a dream come true”: Exclusive with Tanvie Hans


Dreams really come true. Maybe not for all of us, but at least it came true for Tanvie Hans. The fear of the journey of thousand miles never stopped her from achieving her goals. The Fulham star opens up on her views on Indian Football to her favourite movie in an exclusive interview with Sports-nova.

Tanvie’s dream journey was never easy. Her love for the game was imminent from the childhood and football became a special part of it along the way. Vasant Valley provided the growing talent with proper practice and team. She continued her training with Eve’s Soccer Club too as her choices became more dependent on football. She joined Jesus Mary College because of their football team only where she honed her skills under the guidance of Chibbar Sir. Life became tougher away from home as she was dropped to the reserves for Exeter University. But unlike many of us who would have backed out under pressure, she actually enjoyed the challenge and trained hard. Eventually hard work and determination paved her way into the first team.

Tanvie’s decision to come back to train at India proved to be correct when she booked her spot in Tottenham Hotspur through open trials. After enjoying two seasons at Spurs, she signed with Fulham to add bit more variety and experience in her remaining career. (Arsenal fans must be happy with this decision). She is really enjoying playing at a no 10 play-maker’s role rather than playing as a winger for Spurs as it allows her to be more creative in her game.

She is really happy for being nominated for Woman in Football Award in 3rd Asian football awards as it inspires her to achieve more in future. Tanvie also mentioned that she likes to enjoy the tensed games against Arsenal and Charlton Athletic. Nothing new in that – She just loves challenges.

Tanvie in Action for Fulham.
Tanvie in Action for Fulham.

Proud of talking about SFC Goodwill program as it provides the kids proper training and regular matches from the grass root levels which she was not lucky enough to had, Tanvie owes almost everything to football. “I would not have been half the person I am now, if it was not football”, she said. She is the ambassador of SFC Goodwill too and is really looking forward to work with the kids on her trip back to India.

On questioning her best moment on the pitch, she said “I believe, it is yet to come” as she dreams of playing for India and singing the national anthem one day if the passport issue for the foreign players resolve. She also mentioned that it would be a dream come true moment for her if she can finance herself on basis of playing football in India.

For someone having Tanvie’s background, Bend It Like Beckham is set to be her favourite movie and to be part of its musical was the most exciting moment for her. You people won’t believe how excited she was! She gave us a tour of her house and showed the best of luck wish from Gurinder Chadha (Director of Bend It Like Beckham) that she had framed. However, caught to our surprise, she does not have a favourite football team. She idolizes Lionel Messi and Sydney Leroux as both of them play in the play-maker role as she does.

Bend It Like Beckham Musical - Starring Tanvie Hans
Bend It Like Beckham Musical – Starring Tanvie Hans

A born hard-worker, Tanvie Hans works in the day time and practices in the evening as she has to finance herself to play in the non-paid league. She is ready to go any distance to play football – such is her passion and this could easily be an inspiration for all of us.

As the Indian government works at a snail’s pace, there is very limiting possibility of Tanvie playing in the Indian team. So, she can be the best player we might never have. Loss on our part, only thing we can say. Nevertheless, as Fulham progresses to the 2nd round of the FA cup, we wish Tanvie best of luck with hopes of seeing her in an Indian shirt. She thanked all of her fans for their continuous support and especially urged Indian fans to inspire kids to play football even if it does not pay much in India.

To end the discussion, we would like to reveal one of her hidden skills. She writes a bit of poetry sometimes too apart from playing football. Here is a glimpse of her hidden skill:

Beneath the chaos of movement,
And the rush of life that is a time kill,
To realise this world is beautiful,
It takes merely a moment of being still.

Best of luck, Tanvie.


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