Philipp Lahm : From Right Back to a Complete Footballer


He was doubted when he took the place of Ballack as the national captain, he was doubted for his ability in defense due to his short height. But he has won all medals, from Bundesliga to World Cup, crossing the difficulties and turning the doubters into believers. Let me introduce to you – Philipp Lahm.

If you consider not just class but also consistency, then there’s never been anyone like Lahm in the game. He hardly had off games. According to the Bayern’s assistant coach Gerland “Lahm was already perfect when he was 17. He could do it all, there was nothing left for me to teach him.” Gerland also said: “Philipp never played a bad game for me. He is incapable of playing badly.” That is the highest amount of compliment one can achieve.

Lahm had a loan spell at Stuttgart at the age of 19 as he was not able to get enough game time in the star studded Bayern line up. At that little age, he showed the maturity of a 30 year old. Against Manchester United, he was every where on the pitch – at right-back or left-back or right-sided midfield or central midfield. And that has been the story of the last 10 years. Lahm fitted in wherever you played him, hardly ever put in even a middling performance and immediately earned the admiration of anyone who knows the game. But it probably took the arrival of Pep Guardiola to make the world realise how good Lahm really is.

He is the most complete player the game has seen in recent times. Despite of a short height, he is as big as Hulk. His command is supreme in the field, let alone the defense. He has changed the definition of a right back. He has become a complete footballer and transformed kids like David Alaba to become one of the best.

As defenders are highly unlikely to win Ballon d’or, Philipp Lahm will never get one for sure. He is constantly overlooked as he has never won the German player of the year. He is playing the game like he has owned the right back spot along with being a great leader.  In a time when best player is decided only by number of goals and assists, he is still defining his legacy of a right back and transforming into the complete player.

But, please join me herewith as Sports-nova congratulates Philipp Lahm for his achievements and wishes him best luck for the future.

Happy Birthday, Captain!


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Photo by sdhansay