All-Stars Series : How did the celebrities react to the first game?


In the first one of a three match All-Stars Series, Warne’s Warriors defeated Sachin’s Blasters by 6 wickets. The captain and his countryman Ricky Ponting were the star performers of the match.

It kicked off with pomp and grandeur at the City Field of New York and it has been a success! Over forty thousand spectators traveled to the stadium to watch those childhood heroes and what an experience it was.

In the morning, Warne and Jayawardene tweeted the following to get the fans more enthusiastic for the match.

It came of as no wonder that a lot of sports-persons and celebrities across the globe watched the game and they expressed their joy and excitement over social media. Here are some tweets on the exuberant first match of the All-Stars series.

And finally, here is how the players reacted after the first match of the All-Stars series was over.

Photo by arunramu