Unplugged : An Open Letter To David de Gea From A Liverpool Fan


Dear David,

Let me mention a few things at first. I am a proud and deluded Liverpool fan who hates Manchester United from the bottom of his heart. When LFC wins, I am happy. But when United lose with that, that’s cherry on the cake. You used to give me those moments when you were new in the team, a bit frightened to fill Van der Sar’s boots. But not anymore. Now you give me more nightmares than that of assignment deadlines.

You should have gone to Madrid and let Romero handle the job. I would have been so much happier. You are the player whom United need, but don’t deserve. You deserve more limelight, money and above all of that Madrid is your home – So, you should go to Madrid. But, that’s a distant dream now.

When you used to struggle against six bodies to catch a ball from corner, when you used to shake to stop a shot on target – ahh, those days! I miss them.

Undoubtedly, you are the best goalkeeper except Cech, in EPL. Some might fight over the fact that Hart has more clean sheets. But with a defense having Jones and Smalling, you kept 11 Clean Sheets! That’s a miracle.

You single-handedly won them games, deservedly won their best player award for two consecutive seasons, you are the sole reason that United are in the Champions League this season.

I loved you when you conceded 6 against City at home, I loved you most when you let go 3 against Liverpool at Old Trafford. I hated when you stopped Sterling last season, I hated you when you saved points from away games like Everton, Southampton, Arsenal and many more. It might be a bit early to say, but from my view you might be the best goalkeeper United may ever have. Schmeichel and Van der Sar always had a formidable side, but you had a shaky defense. The improvement you have shown is nothing but a miracle.

With big names like Ronaldo, Suarez, Bale leaving the fading EPL, you might be the only one from EPL who stand a chance to be in the World’s Best XI. I will always try to remember your horrible moments, but you will haunt me with your greatest saves. With your skinny body, you have been an intimidating custodian like Oliver Kahn on one-on-one situations. Good luck with your future and please concede a few against Liverpool.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday, David de Gea!

Thank You,
A Deluded Liverpool Fan

P.S.- It will be unfair to leave without saying anything on my favourite United player of all time. So, here it is to Nemanja Vidic – I love you and I miss you!


Photo by Saul Tevelez