Diego Costa : The Dirtiest Player in the Top Flight Football Leagues


You have seen daily soaps where the bad guy always taunts the good guy and gets away without any punishment. Change the scene. Make it a football pitch and make Diego Costa the evil guy. Perfect fit. Give that guy an oscar right now after his episode with Gabriel against the Gunners today.
Let me quote one line from very popular tv series – “Tu hai, Tu BADA wala hain”.
Imagine Luis Suarez but without the international notoriety—that’s basically what you have in Diego Costa. His spitting incident with Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos is YouTube legend, and it made him a known nuisance around La Liga and European footy circles. On the pitch, he’s a constant agitator, always kicking and clawing at defenders just to get under their skin. Costa is a true nuisance and a pariah to fans and players alike, and his recent decision to play for Spain (where he’s played since 16) over in Brazil (where he was born) in international matches has drawn the ire of the Canarinho.
He has messed with Steven Gerrard, head butted Skrtel and stamped on Emre Can. Such sportsmanship, much wow.kk


And what has he received till now? A mere 3 match ban. FA has banned Suarez for total of 17 games, then what is stopping them to do the same to Costa with all the proofs in hand? We are still trying to find out.
And this is not new for him. He was the same for Atletico Madrid.
He did it against David Silva playing for Valencia. He did same with Diego Lopez
Let us cancel out all the dives, still he is way above the second dirtiest player. He will do it again. There is no stopping it

He is hated for leaving Brazil, he is hated for his dirty plays. He will never be loved by an opposition fan. He is just spoiling sport that everyone loves. A very good arrogant manager, very arrogant Russian on top of them- So, Chelsea might be the best suited team for this talented spoiled prat.

We only can hope a justice in this case. Rest are in the hands of FA. #Ban_Costa.