FIFA Scandals : Chuck Blazer working as a Pawn of a Big American Political Plan?


As the voting to elect FIFA President has started, people need to know that there will be another election, probably the biggest influential one in this living world, starting in 18 months from now. Yes, you have got it right! It is the USA Presidential election and Hillary Clinton has been already nominated to run for the Democrats this time. But, is her victory envitable or is she at all desirable?

As US Law stands, Barack Obama can’t take the Oval Office for more than two terms and he shall have to step down and whom does he want to succeed him? The relation between the current president and the Democrat candidate for 2016 remains fishy over the years. So, does Obama really want Hillary to take his position or is he getting left out in his own party to make compromises? The Capitol is seeking the answer and we also try to make a new insight into it.

Seven FIFA Officials arrested in Zurich
Seven FIFA Officials arrested in Zurich

Now, what this all has to do with the arrest of seven FIFA officials in Zurich? Well, you have to keep patience to catch the connection. They all have been arrested in the charges of bribery and kickbacks and as there were US banks involved in the midway, FBI had the authority to indict them. The Federal Agency claims to have worked with a undercover agent named certain Mr. Blazer, who was a reputed FIFA official and arrested earlier. Up to this, everything goes like a mainstream Hollywood story written to knock down the corrupted FIFA empire built by the dictator named Sepp Blatter.

People can cheer in favour of US a bit but suddenly, why did the United States start to dig in the matter? Well, they could not compete for the 2018 World Cup bid and lost to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup one. But, as things stand now, they could not even hit a needle to burst the couch Blatter has been sitting for a long time.  Now, as we look closely into the US Bid Committee, Bill Clinton was the Honorary Chairman of that committee and his adviser Douglas Band was a key part of it. There were rumours that Bill Clinton reportedly shattered a mirror when he lost the bid to Qatar but here we haven’t sat to gasp the rumours, have we?

We all have heard about the famous Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton foundation. Even a layman could understand that the bribery arrests were done to sneak an eye into the suspicious 2018 and 2022 World Cup Bid. Swiss Officials are already into it. But as a result of this, interesting reports have emerged out. The Clinton Charity Foundation received between $50,000 and $100,000 as a membership fee to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative, plus a commitment to build 20 community centers in South Africa as part of FIFA’s decision to put the 2010 World Cup there.


So what? charity foundation received funds? Why are we at all interested? Now comes the next part of it, after US lost the bid to Qatar, the Qatar 2022 World Cup Committee gave the foundation between $250,000 and $500,000 in 2014 with the reason – “committed to utilizing its research and development for sustainable infrastructure at the 2022 FIFA World Cup to improve food security in Qatar, the Middle East, and other arid and water-stressed regions throughout the world,” according to the Clinton Foundation website.

Well, that was not the end of it, the state of Qatar also donated between $1 million and $5 million in previous, unspecified years. As far as the website is concerned, we did not get a clear cost estimate of that two year Qatar project.

When you are in the long run for presidency, you should try to portray a clean image and getting associated with the scams of a loathed organisation or receiving, well you may say suspicious, donations isn’t clearly one of them. And who unearthed it? The Federal Agency run by a Democrat Government, a Government where you were the secretary of state some time ago. That is where Hillary Clinton finds herself in right now.

Well, a yesterday’s article at Washington time states that – Hillary Clinton-tied think tank bashed Obama’s Islamic War Strategy stating that US is ‘failing’.  We don’t intend to get more deeper into the much speculated relation but US succeeded to start a probe into FIFA World Cup bids as Putin launched a direct verbal attack on them. In a parallel world, the experienced politician Hillary Clinton is getting bruises from the foundation scams.

Things, still, are not much harmful for her but a name like former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is floating around among the Democrat camp, who is also buzzed to be an Obama favourite.