Cricket Bizarre : What happens when you roam around the park


After a long gap, we have come once again with a collection of some bizarre stories from the history of the game. Last time, we discussed about some instances where the batsman was bowled in a weird way. In this edition of our Cricket Bizarre series, we will talk about three of the most shocking run-outs ever happened. Get ready to blow your mind and read about these amazing, freakish, unfortunate and bizarre ways of getting out.


Getting out while gardening:

This is the story of a flamboyant Kris Srikkanth who was playing his debut Test against England in Mumbai in 1981. He could not get off the mark in the first innings and was determined to show some flair in the second. Playing cautiously alongside Gavaskar, he moved to 13 off thirty odd balls, before getting out in a hilarious way. Srikkanth jabbed a ball to John Emburey at gully and set off on his customary between-deliveries walk away from the crease, never realizing that the ball was not yet dead. Emburey threw down the stumps at once and the umpire, Swarup Kishen, ruled Srikkanth out. Indian captain, Sunil Gavaskar, standing at the non-striker’s end, could not but drop his bat in disgust after seeing this dismissal.


Don’t forget to look at the umpire:

This was another freakish dismissal from a West Indies-Australia test match in 1990-91. A venomous delivery from Courtney Walsh dislodged the stumps of Dean Jones and the Australian started walking off, not having heard the umpire’s call. It was a no-ball. As soon as Jones realized what had just happened, he was about to return to the crease, but all in vain! A fielder already threw down the stumps. Although the laws in effect at the time state that the striker cannot be run out off a no-ball unless attempting a run, Jones was given out by umpire Clyde Cumberbatch. Unfortunate and bizarre, isn’t it?


Do not celebrate too soon:

‘Everything is fair in love and war (and in Cricket)’ – is probably what Brendon McCullum had in mind when New Zealand took on Sri Lanka in Christchurch in 2006. Kumar Sangakkara was the lone warrior in the second innings of that match. While no other batsman could cross 25, he was about to get to yet another ton. Batting at 99, Sangakkara pushed a Shane Bond delivery down to Chris Martin at third man. The two batsmen completed a single successfully. However, as Sangakkara acknowledged the applause for the landmark, Muttiah Muralitharan, his partner, left his crease to congratulate him, even as the throw came in to Brendon McCullum, who broke the stumps right away.

The umpire, Brian Jerling, had to give Muralitharan out as the ball was not dead when he took his little walk. Naturally, it caused quite a controversy, and the players had plenty to say. Sri Lanka eventually lost the test and captain Mahela Jayawardene invoked the spirit of cricket, while an unrepentant McCullum called it “an opportunity to take a wicket” and said he’d do the same again, given a chance.


That’s all for now, folks! We will come back soon with some more interesting stories. Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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Photo by TonyPatterson