Five Premier League Players seeking redemption this season


Every year, a lot of new star gets born and stars turn super stars. At the same time, a lot of stars fade out, a lot of dreams get broken for a lot of players. There is no doubt that a player has to possess a lot of talent to play in BPL and most of the players in the league are never short of that.

But, can talent only provide a successful career? The answer will be a big no from the history. It is the character and temperament of the player that brings the best out of him.
Every player goes through his testing times. Only a few comes out as successful from there. Now here is a list of 5 players who are bundles of talent, now in the testing times of their career and seeking redemption this season,[nextpage title=”1″ ]

1.Andy Carroll

The big man’s name was the talk of the town when he signed for Liverpool for a mammoth 35 million which is a big transfer fee for a player of his age at that time. But what followed that is not a fairy tale for the English man. There is no doubt that something would have attracted the former LFC manager to splash most of his money from the Torres transfer on him. But there was not even shades of it in his performance for Liverpool years back. Eventually, they left the man on loan for the hammers where he was offered a contract later. Clubs changed, but the story remained the same, the club’s co owner David Sullivan admitted that the club regrets on signing him.
However, it is not Carroll’s mistake to make him rate high. With ebbs being the story for most part of his career, he would be expecting some high tides when he returns back to West Ham. One good thing about this big man is that he is capable of giving stellar performances. If he can believe in himself and focus only on his game leaving things happening around him, this season can turn out to be a season of redemption for him.


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2.Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen
This man got a lot of people excited when he signed for Spurs. The former Ajax player is more than impressive with his former club and some individual goals from him for Ajax in the Champions League escalated the expectations to the maximum. He seems settled and composed every time he is on the field. But the problem is that he is still not set with the unstable Spurs. If purs have to turn their fortunes from last season and finish this season on a high, they need a guy to step up and take responsibility which Eriksen is capable of doing. But it is time that has to answer that whether he is doing it this season.


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3.Jack WilshereJackWilshereArsenalNorwi_3021868

Wilshere is another name that has a lot of expectations but haven’t lived up to it yet. From the day he won the man of the match against a Barca team comprising the likes of Iniesta and Xavi, the gunners started asking more than he can. However, he is not short of talents for his expectations which he had proved at times though rarely.
Now, he is away from the young kid tag, he is very much used to the big stages and fortunately he has all resources to help him out and with his manager completely trusting him, he can show that he is the next big thing for Arsenal and England. But if all these have to happen he must reduce his aggression and bring some maturity in his game without which he will enter this list next season too.


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4.Maroune Fellaini

The former Toffee had disappointed a lot of people in Old Trafford already. It is not only about his poor performances, but there is no sign of improvement or intent from him. He wasn’t able to create the magic he worked out with Barkley in Everton. With the team being in the building phase after the departure of Ferguson, he can still be the support that the Manchester club is looking for in the back. Fellaini have to understand that it is not the same style of play he is going to be accustomed in United. If Van Gaal can nurture him with what he need then he can be a productive prospect for the red devils.


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5.Erik Lamela

The Spurs team has a lot of players who are seeking for redemption this season. Apart from Eriksen, there is Lamela, Paulinho, Soldado and other guys who deserve to make this list. But the guy who is most likely to make the cut has to be Lamela.
The Argentinian is another piece of talent with little character. He had given some decent performance in the Argentine shirt though not recognized most of the times. The new Spurs manager has a lot of work to do to get the club going in the right path and the most important of it is to get these rough pieces into reflecting diamonds. If Lamela is handled better, then he can be a much improved player than the average Lamela last year. The redemption of Lamela and Eriksen can well be the redemption of the club but will it happen is not an easy question to answer.


There are a lot of others who are itching to get going in addition to these. But again we can just wait and watch till the end of the season to see who has the character to cross the line.