Arsenal in Russia, Chelsea in New Zealand : Four Premier League clubs and their namesakes


Have you ever wondered that when you say you are an Arsenal fan, you may be referred to support a club from a different part of the globe? Here we discuss four major Premier League clubs who happen to bear the same names with some top flight league clubs across the world.


1. Arsenal FC of England and FC Arsenal Tula of Russia


The newly promoted Russian Premier League club FC Arsenal Tula based in the city of Tula, nicknamed ‘Oruzheyniki” (Gunmen)’, happens to be the namesake of the gunners. The Russian outfit, founded in 1946, mostly played in Russinan 2nd Divison League and now ranks 16th in Russian Premier League table. Compared to the Londoners’ Emirates, the red-yellows have named their stadium as ‘Arsenal Stadium’.

2. Chelsea FC of England, Chelsea Hadjuk of Australia and Glenfield Rovers of New Zealand

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Glenfield Rovers was initially named Chelsea FC, not because of the Chelsea in London but after Chelsea Suger Refinery works in Auckland where the team members worked initially. The club got its present name in 1963 when they shifted to McFetridge Park, Glenfield, Auckland and it is a semi-professional football club now playing in Lotto NRFL Premier League.

The name saga for the blues’ does not end with that. Another club from Australia named Chelsea Hadjuk, who prefers to wear Reds and blues, recently merged with Dandendong City S.C and plays in Australian National Premier League.

3. Liverpool FC of England and Liverpool FC of Uruguay

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Even without Luis Suarez, the Merseysiders’ Uruguayan connection does not seem to fade away. The Montevideo based soccer club Liverpool FC took on the name Liverpool because of a rich cultural connection between the two areas. In its early days, the majority of coal supplies came to Montevideo from the busy port of Liverpool. Apart from that, the club’s current away jersey bears a strong resemblance with its English counterparts. The Uruguayan club plays in Premiera Divison and now stands 12th in the League table.

4. Newcastle United of England and Newcastle Jets FC of Australia


The famous English International striker Emile Heskey, who spent 18 years at Premier League football, joined Newcastle Jets on 2012. The club based in Newcastle, New South Wales features in the popular Australian A-League and is now 7th at the League table.