Will Manchester United’s high profile summer spree result in a boomerang for them?


Football fans all over the world must have been waiting eagerly to catch the thrills of the deadline day transfers. And often, desperation and a sudden urge to fill in the gaps lead the managers take a hasty decision that eventually goes in vain. Here we discuss whether the Red Devils, currently rejoicing on the unprecedented signing of Radamel Falcao, may find themselves in a bad mood about this at the end of the season.

Our sources have confirmed that Colombian star Falcao, rather unexpectedly after tweeting about a Real Madrid move (that was deleted four minutes later) the previous day, decided to join the Red Devils on a season-long loan. However, throughout the summer, he was linked to clubs like Arsenal, Real Madrid, Manchester City, but United was never on his list. Naturally, question arises on whether this is a frantic decision made by the Van Gaal and co out of their current situation.

The Manchester Reds lost their first game of Premier League 2014/15 against Swansea City. Afterwards, they could only draw level to mediocre Sunderland and newly promoted Burnley FC ending up on 14th position in current league table. In between, they have also lost their second round League Cup fixture against MK Dons, a Sky Bet league one side, by four goals. And in all these four competitive matches, United have found the net only on two occasions. After a brilliant preseason with six wins out of as many, Van Gaal’s men was expected to start the season in flying colors, which they have failed to achieve, pretty obviously.

The side, already boasting of forwards like Rooney, Van Persie and Welbeck, have also signed Mata last winter and acquired the services of Argentine winger Angel Di Maria of late. And a shaky defense that conceded 7 goals in the last four competitive matches showed that a central back and a defensive midfielder were needed badly. However, a panic-stricken management decided to go after another striker.

Van Persie may have to make way for Falcao
Van Persie may have to make way for Falcao

This signing immediately calls for everyone’s attention to the possibility that at least one among Rooney, Van Persie, Falcao, Mata and Di Maria have to be excluded from the first eleven. With the current formation 3-5-2, alongside two wingbacks and two central midfielders, only three attacking players are needed.

Di Maria, in his debut, had to play as a central midfielder in the absence of an injured Herrera and once he is fit, the Argentine should be given a more attacking role. On the other hand, Mata and Rooney, the latter named captain this season, have been in good form and already scored for United. Essentially, this means Van Persie has to make way for Falcao unless Louis Van Gaal decides to change his favorite formation, which is pretty unlikely at this far.

Fellaini was a bad signing for United. Will it be the same with Falcao?
Fellaini was a bad signing for United. Will it be the same with Falcao?

Last year, the Red Devils bagged Maroune Fellaini on the last day and in the end, this deal proved to be nothing but a failure. Only time can tell whether this year will see similar results for Manchester United. But, we can never rule out the possibility that this unanticipated move may lead to a disastrous season for a player of high calibre, be it Falcao, Van Persie or someone else.


  1. Nicely written, but i don’t think this will result in a boomerang because rvp is injured for at least a few months so they need decent enough cover for him and falcao being one of the best in his position provides that. And I for once don’t think they need more modfielders since they just bought Daley Blind from ajax and Ander herrera from athletic bilbao but i do agree that they have a pressing need for a quality CB. And once they get rojo’s work permit issue cleared up they will have a decent enough squad for top 4 finish. And as for the formation they definitely need to bench mata as he doesn’t provide enough cover for the central midfielders. I being a chelsea fan like mata a lot but the fact is he is very weak defensively, the only reason why mourinho sold him to Man utd

  2. Thanks for your opinion. But, Rvp is fit at the moment and started last match. However, he is injury-prone and I believe that is the main reason behind this deal. Nonetheless, there is a chance this season will be a disaster for Rvp, if Falcao gets a good start. On the other hand, though Rojo and Jones can play CB, I think MU desperately needed at least one RB/CB.

  3. I don’t see how adding radamel falcao to their roster will result in a boomerang for any squad. Barring the injuries he is one of the best in the business if not the best. If i was a man utd supporter i would actually be more worried about the fact that he has just returned from a ACL tear injury which usually takes one year to recover that is if in fact he ever comes back to his usual best (see torres for example). Though this is a major issue other than this i don’t see any other problems since van persie is injured and they have already shipped chicarito to real and welbeck to arsenal more over they are flushed with cash because of the chevrolet deal and not being in the champions league means they don’t hve to worry about uefa financial fair play as well

  4. Rvp is about to go through a knee surgery because of an injury he acquired during the burnley match. Please get your facts right

  5. LVG admitted that Rvp may need a knee surgery that would rule him out for months and that it is the main reason why Falcao was signed and personally, am more than happy that Falcao joined United. But I would have been happier if they could manage to get a CB/RB alongside Falcao.

  6. […] Manchester United may have spent more than hundred millions last summer but their transfer approach was not similar back in 1927, at the time of signing Stockport County wing-half Hugh McLenahan. With Stockport struggling financially and United Assistant Manager Louis Rocca the owner of an ice cream business, it seemed obvious in the logic of 1920s transfers that the appropriate thing would be for United to donate some of Rocca’s ice cream to a Stockport fundraiser. The deal was done in exchange of three freezers full of ice creams and McLenahan joined the Red Devils. He stayed at the club for a decade, during which time they finished last in the First Division in 1931 and dropped to their lowest ever league position in the Second Division in 1934. A decent utility player, McLenahan never really established himself as a regular in the first team and, after playing 116 games for the club, was sold on to Notts County. […]