Tips for Betting on Cricket


It is noticeable for all the punters that betting on cricket is much easier if they enjoy watching or playing cricket matches. You can then do your research easily and understand the predictions of players and also knows the strength and weakness of the players. So placing bet for them is easy.

There are lots of bets that can be placed by the punters easily but straight bet is the easiest bet to place in which you have to predict the winner among the two teams. This bet is also very easy to understand for those who are new to free betting tips. Odds in this bet is always better for underdogs and less for favorites but betting on favorites is safe for  new punters. Straight bets can also include pitting two batsmen against each other, and picking who you think will score the most runs.

If you know a bit more about the game and more specifically about individual players, you can place a bet on the top batsman or run scorer for the match. This, of course, can be slightly harder to predict. You can also place a bet on who will hit the most 6’s within a match, or even the total number of 6’s hit between both teams.